Join the QLTS English Solicitor Qualification Conversion Assessment -

The quickest way for Chinese lawyers to obtain dual practice qualification in The UK

Participate in the QLTS English Lawyer Qualification Conversion Assessment - the fastest way for Chinese lawyers to obtain dual practice qualification in the UK

The Solicitor Qualification Conversion Assessment Programme (QLTS) is the official conversion assessment programme of the Solicitor Regulatory Authority (SRA), the law Society regulator in England and Wales。This assessment program replaced the QLTT in September 2010。

  • No internship or experience required
    You only need to be a qualified lawyer in good standing in your own country
  • Only two assessment items need to be completed
    The QLTS Qualifying Examinations include: a Multiple Choice Examination (MCT) and a Practice Assessment Project (OSCE).
  • Flexible learning options
    QLTS provides the basic PREPARATION for the QLTS English Bar Qualification Conversion Exam, which is based on professional textbooks, video tutorials, online training and tutor support

Why should you be licensed to practise law in the UK?

  • Discover new career opportunities
  • Enhance your professional resume, enhance your reputation and marketability in your own jurisdiction
  • To provide clients with a wider range of legal services
  • Advise clients on legal matters in the UK
  • Practising as a British solicitor in London
  • Develop business in the EU market, occupy a place
  • Gain more business and increase your revenue
  • Achieving one of the most prestigious titles in the legal profession is more practical than an LLM degree
  • Become familiar with the common law system

"I recently participated in the QLTS English Bar Qualification Conversion Programme and qualified to practise in the UK。This new qualification has definitely improved my resume and opened up more opportunities for me。I have been studying and preparing for this assessment exam through the QLTS English Bar Qualification Conversion Programme School and I am very pleased with their courses and services。“

C. L. Wang
QLTS Conversion of solicitors' qualifications in The UK
Target school candidates
Obtain professional qualification in China

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